Review: "The Aristocrats"

10 Jul

“A father, a mother, and their two children walk into a talent agents office and say ‘Have we got an act for you’…”

“The Aristocrats” is one of the oldest, and potentially one of the most vulgar jokes known to man, and in this documentary, named after the joke, you get the opportunity to hear a litany of vulgarities from many comedians, both famous and not quite famous, as well as being able to learn the history of the joke and hear many of it’s variations. The way that the documentary is composed is through the weaving together of about 100 interviews, conducted by Penn Jillette and Paul Provenza over a period of years, resulting in 89 fantastic “fuck-filled” minutes.

Previously I said that the joke, and subsequently the film, is vulgar, and I mean that wholly and completely (not that it’s something that matters to me, but it may matter to you). The documentary is composed of 75% cursing, 20% intelligible speech, and the rest is all gibberish. As vulgar as it is though I do love the joke, and I love being able to hear the different variations by some favorite comedians of mine as well as being able to hear other similar jokes as well. My favorite variations/interviews are those of Kevin Pollak, Sarah Silverman, Drew Carey, Gilbert Gottfried,  Billy the Mime, George Carlin, Billy Conolly, Andy Dick, Eric Mead and a few others.

If you like cursing, and comedic history then you will love this film, though I will say, for the last time, that this film is not for the faint of heart.


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